August Vessel

KJB Consulting prepare themselves for yet another vessel of by-products, our third this year. 

Despite these difficult times, KJB has excelled as this will be our largest vessel yet and this is a sign of the tremendous hard work and growth of our team, increasing the number of bulk shipments each year.

Using by-products is an excellent substitute for traditional grades of scrap metal, as the material is considerably cheaper as well. It also uses a fraction of electricity consumption, preventing waste of energy and money.

We carefully monitor the quality of our products and we believe that using metallurgical waste is more profitable for steelmaking because of its price, without compromising the quality.

Discussing our largest vessel yet, Business Development Manager, Sophie Teasdale. “This year has been a tough one for all industries, but nevertheless our team has pulled together and we expect to charter another 3 vessels this year”.

Please get in touch with KJB for any enquiries for bulk cargo – [email protected]