KJB encourages decommissioning enquiries from the Oil and Gas industry and the industry’s specialist contractors. KJB substantially reduces the cost of retiring end-of-life offshore structures by efficiently processing and selling the recycled metal.


We are actively engaged in projects involving the dismantling of large oilfield, subsea and industrial infrastructure. Our primary focus is to maximise, reuse, and recycle material where possible, and minimise waste. We excel at providing carbon neutral solutions to material handling and implementing intelligent size reduction solutions.

Carbon Neutral

KJB understands the importance of a net zero/carbon neutral stance. It is core to our approach for new and existing operations via “offset” and “reduction”. All KJB projects are heavily orientated to delivering  carbon neutral best practice. We work directly with the Scottish and English Governments to ensure compliance with best practice whilst making sure all available grants or schemes benefit the overall package presented to clients.

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Expertise Through Experience & Innovation

Our relentless approach to efficiency drives KJB operations and processing methods, which results in a high recovery and recycling rate for a wide range of materials, in many cases up to 100%. KJB’s focus on sustainability is in sync with legislation’s progressive tightening of ESG regulation. KJB’s commitment to the research and development of zero waste strategies remains central to KJB’s approach to providing decommissioning solutions .


Working Relationships

KJB has extensive expertise in decommissioning large industrial infrastructure projects as evidenced by its preferred status as on-site contractor at Redcar, Europe’s largest decommissioning site.


Finance Solutions

KJB provides prefunding finance for decommissioned material and offers long-term competitive term pricing on each decommissioning project. Clients are offered financing solutions based on a spot price for material; or on market-linked formulas.  


Strategic Locations

KJB has operations based in England, Scotland and Wales where in excess of 150,000 metric tonnes of material are processed each year. Many of our operations are significant Private/Public projects that require exacting standards of performance. 



End-of-life subsea structures from offshore drilling programmes face increasing regulatory and ESG compliance scrutiny as well as newly introduced carbon-neutral requirements for recycled metal.  KJB has a proven track record of optimising government grant opportunities for its clients and partners. 

KJB holds and maintains ISO14001 and ISO9001 Certificate to ensure each logistics and disposal plan mirrors best practise. KJB is actively pursuing its ISO 45001.


Performance Through Machinery

KJB’s worldwide trading network and its skilled, specialist decommissioning team allows a unique flexibility of approach and makes KJB the ideal partner to find a creative solution for any large-scale decommissioning project. KJB’s decommissioning team provides and maintains all materials-handling equipment for each project it undertakes. 


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