Q. Can you supply the rail cut to 5ft lengths as required by our mill?

A. Yes, this is a normal request and we at KJB have various ways to accommodate our customers need.

Q. The HMS you offer is it graded as 80/20, 70/30 etc?

A. It depends on the customer and their requirements but we can source the product they need.

Q. Are you able to offer Cast iron Borings both loose into a container or into jumbo bags?

A. Yes, we can offer whatever the customers require either loose or in jumbo bags.

Q. Are Steel Punchings dense?

A. Yes. So much in fact that they can be used as ballast. KJB supplies melt shops and ballast companies with our punchings.

Q. Do you accept Letter of Credit payment terms?

A. Yes we can. Generally we request upfront payment but on occasions we can operate on LC terms.

Q. What weight do you achieve in a 20ft container for break disks?

A. We can achieve max net weight allowed for cast iron products.

Q. What chemistry and specifications are Cast Iron Borings sold on?

A. Generally we sell with C 3.6%, Si 1.6%, Mn 0.4%, P 0.12% Max, S 0.12% Max, Cr 0.18% Max with 2% Moisture and 2% Impurities.


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