Website Launch!

KJB Consulting is delighted to unveil our brand new website!

Our goal from this redevelopment was, to allow visitors to better understand KJB and showcase what makes us unique within the Scrap Metal industry.

A new feature on the website, allows Scrap Metal Merchants to find out more information on how to become a supplier to KJB and what we buy. KJB has a nationwide supplier base, which we’re always looking to expand, no weight too little or large.

KJB is heavily involved with UK Foundries; the website now allows buyers to see which by-products we handle and have available. Also installing an FAQ section on the by- products, for buyers who have queries on these materials.

KJB actively uses a number of facilities within the UK; the website allows visitors to see the magnitude in which KJB operates, having access to 3 ports within the UK, in which we charter our vessels from.